The Doctor Who Slept With 53 Patients In Ghana

The administrator of the Universal Mission Clinic, Joshua Drah, the man in the middle of the abortion sex gate, after several denials during the joint Police Criminal investigations Department (CID) and Panthers Unit raid at his clinic, finally confessed to the offence.

When quizzed by the arrest party at his office, the ‘Dr.’ expressed surprise at the whole arrest. At some point he evaded questions and at other times, claimed that he did not remember events.

He further denied flatly at the CID headquarters all the allegations that were read out to him by the Police, thereby pushing the police to play the raw footage of him in the middle of the act. To say that he was shocked after watching the video is an understatement. He finally confessed….. Excerpts of the conversation are as follows:
When the video starts playing

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CID: Is this your place?
Drah: Yes.
CID: Drah, is it you?
Drah: Hm?
CID: Is it you in the video?
Drah: Yes it’s me, it’s enough

Amongst other things established in the course of the raid, it became clear that he was not a doctor but rather a medical assistant with training from Togo.

Additionally, he admitted that he did not have the necessary license to operate the place, although he had been working at the Universal Mission Clinic for over a decade.

Journalist: Mr Drah, do you know what is going on here, do you have an idea of what is likely to happen?
Drah: No, I don’t have an idea. In fact it’s concerning the clinic I don’t know why they’ve arrested me
Journalist: Is your clinic illegal; are you operating illegally?

Drah: No, I registered but they didn’t give me the this thing yet …
Journalist: Are you operating with a license

Drah: I have license but they haven’t given me the thing yet, that is the go ahead from the Ministry of Health

Journalist: How many years have you done that?

Drah: 15 years, but we are establishing it small small because the place was listed.



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