The Africa of hope President Abdul Wade, of Senegal, propose to open the nationality of Senegal to all homeless Haitians, as reconfirmation of Africans responsibility in the natural genocide of today Haitians populations. And where is Nigeria? The voiceless giants when it matters.

This might resonate as unpatriotic, the drunkenness for power and the search at all cost to acquire more of it, had blindfold, the common senses of Nigerians politicians and subdue the gain from intellectuals work and render them the scarecrow, the terrorist of false intellectual knowledge without moderation, pushing them to commit murders, that even armed robbers will hesitate twice. The Nigerians politicians had planted what I call yonder, you may which to ask me, what does it means? The choice between the fair tree which has as fruit, knowledge of both good and evil, and does constitute a tragic danger- if you taste with him the juice from it apples one will die, while that food which we are ask not to try, than opening our mouth and lips for prayer.

While we pray, we have bred demagogues, contemplations of money lovers and worshippers that grace evils that will destroy us all, because their lesson of history does not remind them of Paradise being on earth-it's strange the loneliness of Adam in that holy Paradise, the side that was pierced where the rib was taking was not fresh nor beautiful, it was not God that descended from above; to relief them of their crazy love for materials things, but the cast of the first evil on earth, throw down in Nigeria, if not why do we behave differently as compares to other nations? this buffoon, bugbears of powers, are like the time, that counts the hours and days, that goes past, they forget that in this world no man can ever be like Jesus, especially, in the present hustlers for power in Nigeria, in there commitment they have no marriage feast to invite the peoples to, than their seeds of deceits, empty promise, no place they can offer Nigerians, since nothing had been prepared. The authors of this terror thought everybody must be by his side, think the same way, feel the same thing, with no opposition allow, no difference, they are bent in their challenge, but in the dark, with no reference for good tiding except the bitterness sow with their souring mouth. Its amazing, their level of annoyance when one oppose them of wrong doing or criticize them, they connive with the press and journalist and you become in all your comments” awaiting moderation” a way to discourage you from your little knowledge of proxy contributions to mark your differences, that our country could be love and served otherwise, they feel every contrary, as affront; that's why any view different from theirs is strictly censor through their control and the access they gleans from the press-they're the breeders of one unique maxim of thinking, they always feel to uphold the truth and that it should be tell in their ways of reasoning, they're horribly, against any collegiate view. They will bring you down or physical thug you to submission.

This gobbledegook, glutton are voracious tasty for bloods to attain self aggrandizement, they're ready to shield bloods to arrive at their phantasm -tattle ruffians in attitude as pot-au-feu ingredients cooked together and bitter in nature, impossible to digest, because it is pot-potpourri in aroma sweetness ( “rotten pot”) inside their manifesto and program what do see as projects for society development? nothing, than the cling , nothing concise, our politicians secrete only after the day of Pentecost had come and past and they are no pious in bowing to their function nor have they receive the sum of the holy spirit grant as light-all what they have to propose is the deep silence that fall on Nigeria, the dark as peaceful night semblance awaiting to give birth, in the daylight their fantasies weird and many of their dreams pouring into many mind as stream of fear not hope, here it is only in the night that the body seeks repose-all is struggle without any one able to think and reflect we are all absorb by the unexacting tomorrow of no hope all is ragtag, gaggle-haggle for survival-- ha bah almighty what have we done to history, when in your infinite mercy you place in a land flowing with milk and honey and in our mists plant men of corrupts minded to sow deceits in the land that it has become too hot for the head to repose.

Oh as hope and joy, there are some professionals Nigerians medical doctors in Haiti, thank to them, it was reported in the news not any government initiatives or we have our own problems that has been mounted up for the past 50 years, are we all that concern in solving them?..... no I doubt, we are not in the course to solve them- we are in the fried pan to smoke.Therefore, the doldrums of living or delegating our future, by giving power to those who disdain, all what is good for human upliftements is an ignoble connivance and ignorances of devolution of divine to the wrong people who linger in all aspects of trusth and respect of moral, with instinct that are no reference"to secrete hope and liberty to all the broken-hearted of this country is in sum a big mistake.

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