Especially for mothers.

I have heard women when introducing themselves say something like: “I am Ms. XYZ, a working mom…” and I wondered if the answer to the question “What do you do?” Shouldn’t be “I am Ms. XYZ, I am a …. (you say what your profession or business is)? We don’t get to hear men saying “I am Mr. ABC, a working dad” ever, so why women? I have often wondered what the motive behind it is. It seems all moms with the exception of a few are Working Moms! And with that came all manner of terms for the sake of those who don’t quite fit in, like Stay-At- Home-Moms (SAHM), Work-At-Home-Moms (WAHM), and then Moms in Business, career mom, momprenuers, and more to come.

Who really is a Working Mom? What do you tell people you do?  How do you define yourself?

With confidence or with a lack of it? 

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