O' our hearts in need of repair
The pains of a nation
O' our souls burdened with despair
The tears of a people

With faith, however
We can overcome our sorrow
And work for a better tomorrow
So that in another few years
We will look back and be glad
That we made the efforts

We will savour the pride
Of a people who peservered
By the strength of their will
A people who overcame
By faith in God
And also in their ownselves

Then we will point to a date in the past
And say this is when the decision was made
When we rose to bustling life
From our slumber of half a century

The day we chose brotherhood over enmity
A nation above our selfish interests
And a better future ahead of a selfish day
This is the day, we would say
When victory was sealed in our hearts
Even before the fight began

The day the war was worn
And a nation was born
Today is the day.

(C) 2010 Elvis Iyorngurum
Blood on My Hands
(Words of a Guilty Victim)

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Comment by Kristin Anne Unruh on June 6, 2010 at 4:35am
a beautifully expressed paradox of the prerequisite to hope and faith and understanding, the guilty victim is the illusory paradox that keeps us from seizing the day as NOW is the time of decision, as you say. you are right~ this is the turning point towards the healing (repair) of the heart of a people. Nigerian's heart is now so close to mine, am deeply feeling this poem
thank you

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