Unlike my peers in other parts of the world who may most likely be living on their own, I live with my friend because of the high cost of rent and accommodation in Abuja. I woke up without the comfort of power as we never expect power always and with the company of a band of mosquitoes for the night.

I am spiritual and raised a staunch catholic, so I say my morning prayers. As a smoker, I had the morning ritual before settling to the business of brushing my tooth and all inconveniences with the day looming large ahead of me.

I breathe in a fresh lease of air into my lungs and wonder what has the day got for me and how could life get better for a young man like myself. The sojourn is not easy for a first son (Diokpara) like me with five younger ones. Having left school and serving my Nation somewhere in the Central Area, the responsibilities are shifting gradually and the onus is falling heavily on my shoulders to meet up.

As I head out to the bus-stand seeking to board a bus from Gwarimpa to Wuse, I am reminded by the sight that befall me daily-poor kids hawking in some street corners and on the alert to run off when the Authorities show up rather than the classrooms where they should be groomed as Leaders of the future, old people begging for alms when they should be in the homes for the elderly, rickety cars still plying the road as taxis while corrupt Politicians, their conies, sycophants, friends and families cruise about town in State of the Art cars. While in the bus, the music of a local artiste African China- ‘Crisis’, an album released sometime in the 2004 echoed through the loudspeakers. ”…Food e no dey, broda water no dey and our government no good o, what about the nepa people nko, we no get light…” I shake my head in utter resignation, the numerous troubles and lack of basic necessities borne by Nigerians over the years. When will it get better? , what do I do? , will it get better for me, my generation and our Country?. Alighting at Wuse and taking the ten minute walk to board a second bus to arrive at my final destination. Glancing at the dailes that are displayed for sell, it’s the woes of the Nigerian Super Eagles at the FIFA World cupTM still holding in South Africa and its fallout, the Fiftieth anniversary of an old nation for which more than $5 million has been earmarked for a celebration of what I term nought among others that grab the headlines.

At my office, I am confronted by inflation of contracts, internal bickering, ghost worker’s syndrome, ineptitude and delegation of responsibilities to subordinates. Everybody for his/her concerns, all in a bid to grab a piece of the National cake. It’s a pity, while many clamor for the Employment of graduates in my Country, I still see many who lack basic computer, oral and writing skills notch top Federal jobs to the chagrin of those that merit it.

At the end of work hours, I drag my weary body home with just one meal all through the day for that’s what my pocket can offer. A beautiful lass walks past me, I lack the strength to woo her. She receives a call on her Black berry phone and before I mustered the courage to walk up to her, a car stops some meters ahead of me, its doors flung open for her. What a world!

My throat thirsts for that which most Nigerians use to calm their frayed nerves…a chilled bottle of alcohol, in my case GuinessTM stout at a roadside relaxation spot. I am a Nigerian, very resilient, no trouble pulls me down, I believe and hope that tomorrow comes with its own blessings. As the rebranding slogan of my Country says, “Nigerians-good people, great Nation” .

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