The current coalition is investigating Jamis Winston

The Pistons were turbulent in the 2017 season and scored 5 wins and 11 losses. Unfortunately, Jamies Winston was injured and his team lost 5 consecutive defeats. Fitzpatrick, the top student at Harvard University, stepped in and took the team to Madden Coins revenge. The New York Jets and once again defeated the Miami Dolphins in the following game. In 5 games, they scored 1103 yards and 7 passes for 2 wins and 3 losses. They scored 88 points in only 3 interceptions.

The current coalition is investigating Jamis Winston. He is suspected of sexually harassing a woman and recovering from his injured shoulder. So in the 2018 season we may see Fitzpatrick appearing more often. This depends on the investigation of the allegations of sexual harassment by Winston. Under the NFL's Personal Code of Conduct, the young quarterback who is about to enter the fourth season is willing to receive multiple suspensions.

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