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As November 16th draws closer, it reminds every Kogite and the neighbouring states in Nigeria the unbelievable that took place on 21st of November, 2015 as the prospective incumbent governor from the All Progressive Party silently kicked the bucket to give way for a new form of unprepared agenda of governance.

At exactly around this period in 2015, the drum of who will pilot the affairs of the Confluence state in the next four years was seriously sounding, as different political parties danced to the tune of the drum by primarily electing their representatives who will contest in the general election and emerge as the governor of the state.

At the peak of the sound of the drum, the unprecedented happened and this made electorates, candidates, party members and all the citizens of Kogi state to re-adjust and take dressing with a bell of reminder that a supreme being is still interested and in charge of human activities.

Initially, it was unbelievable because of the personality involved but later, it was realized that the ways of the gods are different from the ways of men; and that paved way for a new direction that scholars, political analysts and religious leaders referred to as “power shift that is ordained by God”.

The shock which pared the heart of many however gave a man the seat of governance on a sweatless platter of gold. And in the quest to navigate the state through a new direction towards an enviable height, the man who many considered as the most blessed and favoured personality in the history of democracy was legally sworn-in to pilot the socio economic and political affairs of the state.

To the amazement of everyone, the new direction began; the activities in Lugard House took another dimension of express execution, which to some extent gladdens the heart of many and wet their appetite for true democracy. To heal the bruises of the citizens and clear their scars for transparent governance, the exercise of separating the services of the dead from the living began; the exercise to some extent terminated the appointment of many unidentified ghosts who have been sharing in the resources of the state. The exercise however affected and shook the existence of many Kogites to the point that even the very elect began to doubt if their services are ghostly or genuine in nature.

After 365 days of selfless service in ensuring that Kogi state is rated high among the best states in the country, the living standard of many Kogites began to shiver and taste for genuine revival. But amidst this, the number one citizen of the state who is fully aware of the important of security to human existence as stated in the 30th paragraph of his inaugural speech in January 27th, 2016, took interest in combating the already existing insecurity challenges bedeviling his followers.

After some period of time, despite the regular reports of the clashes between Fulani herdsmen and some residents in the North East, North South and the cold killings in the North Central of the state, his efforts in curbing insecurity yielded positive result that earn him an award as the ‘Most Conscious Governor’ in recognition of his qualities and his efforts at improving security in the state.

As a prove that this administration was divinely ordained by God, the state has been receiving colossal allocations which in comparison is higher than all the allocations received by the former administrations since Kogi state was created in 1991. To ease the financial challenges and ensure that this administration achieve one of her aims and objectives, which was presented as “we have conceived a socio-economic Blueprint that we trust God will rapidly develop our State and radically empower our People. The said Blueprint will rank as a sort of Marshall Plan for rebuilding Kogi State on every index of Development. Under this Plan, Education and Health Infrastructure, State of the Art Security Coverage, Roads, Rural Water Schemes, Farm and Agricultural Communes, heavy Investments in Solid Minerals, Artisanal Mining Collectives, repositioning of Kogi State as a preferred tourist destination, etc. are projected to play lead…” as stated by His Excellency during his inaugural speech in 2016, different monetary platforms and offers like Paris Fund, Bailout Fund and some other grants were given to the state government.

Revisiting the inaugural speech of His Excellency in January 27th, 2016, it was clearly stated in the 16th paragraph by His Excellency that “My administration shall exist for the sole purpose of serving the superseding interests of the people of Kogi State to the very best of its capabilities.” And in the 33rd paragraph that “We know salaries have not been paid to some of our Civil Servants for some months now. We propose to commence paying as promptly as possible while implementing strategies to gradually defray the arrears. While doing this, we shall count on the understanding of all the good people of Kogi State.” More so, it was also added in the next paragraph that “We shall immediately commence consultations with all stakeholders to get the buy-in of every progress-minded individual into every agenda that we have designed to move Kogi State in the New Direction. I see this as a Challenge and I am resolved to win your trust.”

Unfortunately, 85% of the citizens in recent times are beginning to lament and has considered that, these beautiful promises that were made by His Excellency during his inaugural speech in 2016 are now contrary to their present standard of living, and this has forced the people to start asking rhetorical questions like; was this administration really ordained by God? Were all the policies and decisions taken by this administration really in favour of the masses? Or does it mean that God has suddenly become so cruel to forget his own people at the red sea? All those questions from the citizens are seriously begging for answers and the funny idea is that, the same citizens asking those questions are saddled with the responsibility of providing answers to those questions in the forth coming November 16th poll.

However, despite the rhetorical questions emanating daily from the 85% of the citizens, 15% still affirm strongly that this administration has been the best democratic administration since the creation of the state in 1991; many described the character of His Excellency as “a promise keeper, an unbiased leader and a true democrat whose re-election should not be questioned.” This shows that as humans, we cannot see the same thing from different angles; what some people called ‘6’ is what others referred to as ‘9’.

Possibly, all hope is not lost as I am pleased to announce and remind every Kogite that it’s another four years and the Confluence Drum has started sounding again; there can be full restoration if Kogites can trust again and decide with their thumb for an effective consolidation. This time, the expectations of the citizens are obviously high, the workforce are anxious, the youths are hopeful, the children are craving for a platform of better future, women are supporting women, traditional and religious leaders are already on their kneels praying for a peaceful election and avoidance of the unexpected, as it was in the last 2015 governorship poll.

Simultaneously, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is not asleep as serious preparations and plans are being made to ensure a successful poll; political parties are becoming restless as plans and strategies are being made daily to ensure that their prospective party representatives emerge as the next governor of the state. The security personnel are already on their drawing boards evaluating their last performances and making plans and strategies to ensure that the state is peaceful and conducive for the forth coming November 16th governorship poll. The Press men are not left behind as they are getting ready to be the eyes and ears of the citizens with a slogan “All Eyes Are Watching as Kogi Decides.”

Having established the above on the premise of what ought to be done and not to be done particularly as the election is at the corner, we must be pragmatic in making the right choice as well as reminding ourselves of the mandate of our dear state at heart, and this must be carefully done by doing the needful at the poll as we elect the most credible “Drummer” to pilot the affairs of the Confluence state at large.

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