The common major traps of traditional dryer

1,To make the rotary dryer too long to improve the yield. If the diameter is too large, the roller will be not fully used,which will cause heat loss;so the equipment covering an area of large is a waste of resource at a certain degree.

2,The temperature of the feeding and discharging port is too high to improve production, causing a waste of the energy . At the same time also caused by dry material quality drop; Material colour and lustre is serious black; Even the paste a lot.

3,The wind speed in the roller is too slow, causing the material and hot air and the static and dynamic contact strength is flabby, resulting in low efficiency of the drying equipment.

4,The drying of materials is only used the downstream, and in the process of drying can not saturated atmosphere of discharge in time, so that the water vapor in the long distance run inside roller, causing dry material moisture is absorbed again.

5, Material in the roller will not be in a "reciprocating movement", so the materials in the roller will soon be wind pumping away, the result in the material storage cylinder too low, causing material and hot air and the static and dynamic contact area reduced.

6, In order to limit flow speed of materials to the direction of discharging port ,only the rev  of the roller limited at a very low, thus roller material being the number of times in the lift was greatly reduced. This causes the material and hot air dynamic contact number is greatly reduced.

7,The drying equipment host installs at a tilt way of near the fire-end high and far fire-end low, which is a extreme mistake. Because the installation methods can speed up the material to the speed of flow is fire, which make the material within the cylinder by storage again reduce, the whole roller to back in thousands of make public the stripper plate simultaneously Yang, but the material of it with few materials raising. offers.

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