The Combination of Three Incomparable Things

If somebody told me that there could be a kind of sport that would combine water skiing, surfing and snow boarding, I would thing that this person is absolutely crazy. However, after writing my custom essay papers about wakeboarding, I am sure that everything is possible. I think you have already guessed that I am going to talk about wakeboarding as one of the most extreme water kinds of sport.

What is a wakeboarding and why it is so popular?

So, the technique may seem to be rather easy: one is towed with special equipment behind the motorboat and rides with the speed about 24 miles per hour. The sport was found in the 1980 in New Zealand, since then it grew in the popularity and already in the 1989 was founded the World Ski board Association. In the same year, the first world championship on skiboarding was held in Hawaii. Actually, I devoted my last academic writing to the development of this sport.

Judging from a fast development of this sport, I can say that this sport is very popular. The first reason of its popularity is the drive and excitement that one feels during surfing on the water surface with the extremely high speed. And the second reason is that it is a great work out for all the muscles. For doing wakeboarding, one should be well-trained and have a number of abilities like the ability to steer the board, good coordination and concentration.

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