It was reported in some Nigerian newspapers that the CBN Governor Mr Lamido Sanusi has made a donation of 100 million Naira to the Kano State government in solidarity with the victims of the Boko Haram menace. If that piece of news is anything to go by, some clarifications need to be made now and it has to be as a matter of strict urgency. Some questions need to be answered, firstly, did Mr Sanusi make such a donation from his personal purse? If the answer is in the affirmative then the matter should be handed over to the EFCC so he can explain how he got that much money to donate despite the fact that he became a public official a few years ago. secondly, did Mr Sanusi donate this amount of money from the Federal purse? if the answer is yes, then here lies the problem, and before all Nigerians get to read the news, President Goodluck Jonathan should ask Mr Sanusi to proceed on annual leave with immediate effect. The Central Bank of Nigeria has not turned to Central Bank of Sanusi as much as we know. When did the CBN began making emergency donations to victims of disasters both natural and human?. Let me quickly add here that the fact that the donation was made to a State in the Northern part of the country is irrelevant. The idea of donating Nigeria's money to one State is not only illegal but reprehensible.

 Some months ago, Mr Sanusi lamented that 25% of the Nations earnings is spent on the National Assembly, in other words he was denouncing corruption and waste of resources by the Legislators. What Mr Sanusi has done through this donation (if the news is confirmed) is nothing short of corruption and abuse of power.

The President once said that the Boko Haram sect has infiltrated his government, well, Mr President, don't look any further! Since the appointment of Mr Sanusi as the CBN Governor, he has been swimming from one controversy to another,recently, Mr Sanusi in his own manner excussed the members of the Boko Haram who have been inflicting hardship on their fellow Nigerians through their bombings by arguing that these criminals are in their chosen venture because the oil producing States were allocated more money from the Federal purse. How can a man in that position make such uncalculated statement and still remain in office? President Jonathan has been handling Mr Sanusi with kids' gloves and he is gradually taking everything for granted. As the saying goes, 'refusal to chase the Vulture away with a stone, makes it feel that it is a bird of honour and wisdom'.  Mr Sanusi has continued to prove to Nigerians that he is a pro-Islam in all his undertakings. However, it's his right to believe in what he believes, but men with such thinking should not be made to occupy sensitive positions in Nigeria. Without further delay, President Goodluck Jonathan should relieve Mr Sanusi of his post as the CBN Governor, maybe a postion of Emir is waiting for him somewhere.

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Comment by Benson Ajagbawa on March 5, 2012 at 5:26am

You are absolutely right. If anyone was to authorized a contribution from the federal govenments money, it is the pressident who has the authority to do so in democratic republic of Nigeria and not the governor of the central bank.

President Goodluck has questions to answer as well as Mr Sanusi.

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