In an interview with foxnews, rivera, director of the EA sports game, said:
"At FIFA, our goal is to bring the best league in the world to the players. Yes, we have considered adding the Chinese Super League, but for now, the Chinese Super League will not appear in FIFA 18.

Senior EA officials confirmed that FIFA18 still has no Chinese Football Association Super League

According to fox, the director of the EA sports game, Rivera, confirmed that FIFA 18 will not include the Chinese Super League FIFA Coins.

Apart from the top five leagues, a growing number of fans and fans want to see the Chinese Super League in the soccer game. Because stars like hulk, ravitch, pele and Oscar are all playing at the Chinese Super League. Meanwhile, media reports say tianjin power is likely to sign Aubameyang. In the previous FIFA 17, Aubameyang was the fastest player in the game.

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