The Benefits of Photo Documentation for Construction Sites

There are plenty of sayings that speak to the importance of photography. Whether it’s “pictures say a thousand words”, or “Photography is almost like being there”, you can’t deny that capturing a moment via photograph is a valuable capability.

Did you know that photography is also widely used in business? Specifically, construction companies use aerial photography to map and plan their projects and survey their sites. A camera can be almost as valuable as a piece of construction equipment!

Here’s more about how construction photography in Houston is making the difference in local buildings and properties:

Real-World Project Planning

It can be difficult to adequately plan a construction project without a thorough understanding of the area where it will be built. The topography of the land, the climate, the flora and fauna in the area – all these things can impact the project and should be accounted for beforehand. Without seeing the landscape, though, this can be nearly impossible.

One of the biggest benefits of aerial photography for construction is that you can see your entire project site at a wide angle. You can see details you might have otherwise missed due to perspective limitations – and you can see what challenges might lie ahead of you.

Today’s photography providers also offer cutting-edge technology that allows construction site managers to view everything from the physical features of a landscape to the depth and density of certain elements thereof. If you need to know what you’re up against in terms of leveling and preparing a site, having photos taken beforehand is the best choice for doing so.

Keeping Up with Project Updates

No matter what kind of construction you’re working on, your clients will want project updates. It’s just human nature to want to know how something we are emotionally or financially invested in is going. With photography of your project site taking place before, during, and after the construction process, you can rest assured that you’ll have the documentation you need to provide clients with regular updates.

Legal Security in a Snap

Because of the tense nature of many construction projects, litigation is common in the industry. Whether it’s a client claiming they aren’t getting what they commissioned or a project manager feeling that they haven’t been supported by the client throughout the construction process, going to court is just something that happens in this field.

Using aerial photography to monitor your project site regularly can cut down on the instances of litigation. By providing proof of updates and offering your clients a regular chance to speak up if something isn’t meeting their standards, they have less to complain about when things are finished.

Likewise, photo documentation can cover you in the instance of being accused of a crime. With photographic evidence on your side, it will be an open and shut case.

Are you interested in implementing construction photography in Houston into your next local construction project? Talk to your nearest aerial photography agency. These seasoned professionals can advise you as to how to add photography to the planning, surveying, and implementation stages of your next project – and make it a cleaner, quicker process, too!

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