Since snake lay egg we know that it is going to hatch a long baby, whether it is Africom, Nato or UN, it makes no different,  the west cannot hide from their sins, they cannot fool anyone by juggling who lead the way to downtown Tripoli. the america want the world to believe that they have no interest in Libya, the British and the French is playing their little relevancy propaganda but their motives is static as pond water, oil and natural gas. While the Arab League fidgeting like a new bride, their puppetery is nothing but trying to please their western master and save their supported oppressive monarchy.

But whosever leads the way to Tripoli should know that there is no flower in the desert, what you have is sandstorms and thorny trees, what am sure that will not flow in Libya when the sandstorm settles  is oil and natural gas, but am sure blood will flow especially when you support and arm a tribal rebel against legitimate government, i will assure you there will be a dog fight .

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