Protection of lives of Nigeria students on campus is becoming not guaranteed as it was purported that Vice Chancellor's directives lead to students untimely demise. OLASUNKANMI AROWOLO writes students' reactions.

It was with tears and sorrow rolling down my cheek on Monday, May 9, as I remember when i met her at Faculty of Social Sciences entrance languishing in ​pains. I took her to medical center hoping I will still have time to introduce myself to her because we have never met before. I taught she was getting better around 4pm but never knew she was waving Goodbye to me as her newest friend before she slump five minutes after forceful discharge due to the university working hour policy. These were the words of Durojaiye Akeem, President, Lagos State University Students Union(LASUSU).

According to the information gathered by CAMPUSLIFE, the new Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Obafunwa, after resumption of duty after appointment met little fund in the management pocket. As a means to manage the limited fund, the health centre 24 hours service was reduced to 8 hours health service(8:00am-4:00pm).

This directive was allegedly said to have lead to the death of a 300 level student of Faculty of Management Science, Department of Banking and Finance whose name is Oluwafunke Hassan, who was said to have slumped at the frontage of Faculty of Social Sciences. She was rescued down to the school's health center where she was revived but when it was 4pm(health center new closure time), she was forcefully discharged.

Still at the frontage of heath centre, about five minutes after discharge, she collapsed again. By then the health centre had already closed but a rescue team was organised by the Students' Union executives who tried all they could to make her survive with oxygen in the ambulance bus, after they revived her after second collapse, while they approached Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). On getting to the gate of LUTH she gave up the ghost at about 5:20pm. Meanwhile, contrary to the spreading rumour that she was pregnant, she was confirmed a sickle cell patient.

This action however resulted to protest to the school's health and a day boycott of examination in the deceased faculty. At the protest venue, the Acting Dean, Students Affairs, Dr. Kabir Akinyemi addressed the students to calm but the students keep on expressing bitterness over their colleagues deaths while the ladies among them were in tears.

One of the student at the protest scene who pleaded anonymity said; ”the action of the health centre is not justifiable, they have successfully wasted her life (tears drops). Obafunwa have to do something about this because the health centre said they are acting to his directives”

Sanni Omofisayo Abimbola, LASUSU Vice President said the death of Funke came as a shock. “It came to us as a shock. But whatever that might have prompted her death as speculated by students and management, we believe God knows best and i sympathize with her family, may God fill their vacuum with joy” she ended

Sanni Sodiq, a student of 300 level, Computer Education said; “It was the management anti student policy that lead to her demise. As a student of progress I see it as a means of depriving us from our fundamental right,if the management want to rationalize anything in the system,they should not rationalize our life,because welfarism of the student his very paramount”. “My message to the management is that, they should revert the 8 hours working hour back to the former 24hrs working hour,for the benefit of staff living at the staff quarters and student living in the girls hostel, because we never can tell what could happen during the night and if this continue, I pray we don't keep losing materials.” he ended.

Tijani Mubarak, a 400 Level student of faculty of Law, popularly known on campus as Sagacious said; “the school management is to be blamed for the unfortunate happening, as dey will be vicariously liable for the negligent act of the said nurse, the nurse who was in breach of medical ethics should be made the face the medical association disciplinary committee and if found wanting after due process should be dealt with accordingly. The management should admit it negligence, and accept, make a public apology, pay a compensation fee to d parent of the deceased girl family”.

He went further saying; “It is an unwelcome situation that in the 21st century a certified medical doctor and professor could make a risky directive that a university health centre should shut down by 4pm daily when you have student on campus, off campus in which if there is any emergency the first point of call, it is the school health centre that can rescue”

Also reacting, Damilola Oduolowu, 200level Mass Communication, said: "the demise of the young lady student of banking and finance recently was a sad one and what happened was just a breach of duty and it had happened as a result of the VC's negligence and the staffs of health centre on duty that particular day" he stated further that he hope and look forward to a reaction from the parent; probably to sue the management"

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