My neighbor is a doctor. Knowing him better than I know most doctors, I see now why the expression “the good doctor” is a thing. I used to think it had only to do with the necessity of being obsequious to a man who may one day hold your life, or the life of a loved one, in his hands. But, I think the profession just draws in folks of good character and strong ethical sense.


My neighbor’s name is Bob, and he’s a hell of a good guy. From Bob, I have learned many things, but the least expected thing was what he taught me about how lucky doctors are to be practicing medicine in this day and age. I am referring to the financial luck of qualifying to be certified in Botox and treatments relating to facial aesthetics.


Let me tell you a bit more about that.

Botox training is a piece of cake

Well, kind of. Bob and I talked at length about this over beer and lawn mowers in his big garage.


Bob is certified to treat people with Botox and other “filler” injections in the great state of Michigan. He got his certification in one day through an online outfit called Dentox. This organization offers in-person and online training in “injectables” for any qualified medical professionals, such as doctors, dentists and nurses (this differs state by state).


After you become certified to administer injections of “fillers” in your home state, you can get right to business. And, to quote Brad Pitt, “cousin, business is a boomin’!


I’m not going to go into detail, but, basically after you give five treatments, you’ve paid for the training course. I want to say it’s “ridiculous” or “amazing” that such an opportunity exists. Why hasn’t everyone taken advantage of it?


Well, there is the matter of completing 5 to 8 years of post-secondary education at significant cost, and working your ass off in practicum for almost as long while your friends are all living la vida loca fueled by an income unfettered by university loans.


So, as I said, piece of cake, or not, depending on how you look at it.

Course of treatment

At any rate, the botox training you get at these courses, Bob tells me, is pretty intense. In one day you can receiving training in how to do Botox right, plus you get training with things like PRP (platelet-rich plasma). What’s more, they show you how to market your services and do some basic business training. It’s a one-stop-shop for any medical professional looking for a financial shot in the arm (pun intended).


All of the courses I looked at subsequently are under $3000 and the Dentox one that Bob recommends looks like the best value.


I know that bias exists regarding medical aesthetics. But, folks like Bob offer a service to fill a need. And, these treatments help people. Treatments like PRP are proven to work, and are used after serious surgery to speed healing. PRP also helps get rid of wrinkles and lines in the skin. It’s all good. So, it makes sense that a guy like Bob can take advantage of the opportunity.



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