The 3 Simple Principles of Weight Loss

Losing excess body fat can be really frustrating. But if you Keto Advanced Weight Loss remember these three simple principles, you'll have fun shedding unwanted pounds.

Principle 1. Do some kind of exercise every day-

Walk, play a game of basketball or do something physical every day. Keep the intensity low so you don't feel exhausted afterward. Make sure to do things you like so you'll stick with your weight loss program. The goal is to stay active and burn calories. The more you move, the better. Staying active keeps you off the couch and away from junk food.

Principle 2. Practice self-control-

Dieting can be really tough. Instead of trying to eliminate foods you enjoy, try eating them in moderation. You can eat some of everything you like, just watch the portion sizes! It is much easier to consume excess calories than it is to burn them off. Eat small meals of no more than 600 calories. Have a snack to prevent hunger, and a meal when you're already hungry.

Principle 3. Be patient-

Losing weight takes time. Set a realistic weight loss goal of 1-2 pounds per week. Reduce your daily calories by no more than 20% and exercise at low to moderate intensity. Keeping intensity low prevents you from feeling the need to reward yourself with junk food afterward.

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