That’s the way it should be, as well doesn’t mean it should be when some are giving some steady rubbish to feed on daily.

Things necessary for our soul and comfort of our flesh, at times impels us do things we are not suppose to do. Every sane human being knows it downgrade God gifted spirit in us, especially those from mischievous activities we do to make it happen moment we need it. I don’t know if you understand what I’m trying to explain or not, but let me put it this way.


Majority of those whom their poor father left nothing, shot their reputation to pieces in search of money to buy comfort for themselves and poor family, some are victim from tender age. Was what gave birth to corruption, 419, kidnapping, robbery, and etc evils we see today.


No one is safe.


Even those born a saint grow up dining with whores telling all sorts of lies to become rich, and after becoming rich they found out their thirst to become rich are yet to begin. Those who endured hardship of life obey the rules of nature and walk with their God arrived safely, but still cannot have full peace required for them to enjoy their sweat.




Every man and woman was born good, intended to grow up good souls. Along the line of growing up, they encountered challenges that man and woman beside them or their government can help them to defeat and continue to be good souls and serve their society to spread the good news of goodness and teach others coming up how to be good souls. Unfortunately they found the society they were born into are occupied by men and women who are out to make sure saints are kept poor from birth, confused, subdued, isolated, or even killed, depends on the circumstances and activities of the saint involve.


It can be rebuild.


It amaze me how some sane people still believe things will reverse from bad to good when the speed of deterioration from good to bad far out pace the other, things can only reverse moment we pause thoughts on these are my sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, state, religion and start implementing on this is my country, my people, I must make sure the get all education they require to grow up good and solid human beings.


Moment you start seeing next man or woman standing beside you as your brother or sister, son or daughter, mother or father or your kid, the urge to rebuild our institutions will spring in strong and weak souls, and before you know it. Our country will transform from rubbish basket of sons of b-----s to finest basket of sons of good people.


How can that be?


We are not asking people to go against their will or wish or system, but saying compare your current system of me and my family only and me and my country as a whole (depending if you are employed in government institutions) and see which one pays us more. We are also not saying you should implement these principles of thinking in terms of our country from your private earnings, no. We did not say that, and will never. What we said was, make sure government resources entrusted in your hands are used in upgrading Nigeria in all spheres of life than hoarding it, stealing it, sending it abroad for others to use.

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