A Freelance system administrator is therefore responsible for installing or maintaining a system composed of several computer components, in optimal operating conditions for its correct use by users of these. For this, it must monitor the state of the system periodically, perform maintenance and repair tasks, purchase new elements, updates, security, equipment and network configuration ... etc.

This work, which was generally reserved for the user, then a technically qualified person does it, thus allowing to free the first of these tasks, gaining time and also effectiveness and security as a whole. The systems administrator is indispensable in a company that uses a computer network for its daily work, freeing workers from tasks for which they may not be trained.


As we can see, its field of action is very broad, which is why there are different specializations depending on whether they perform one function or another. We can then speak of network administrators , in charge of ensuring the installation, configuration, maintenance and perfect communication between the equipment connected to a network, whether local or remote. We also have database administrators data , and there are even administrators of social networks , with the rise of these and their growing importance, are responsible for managing a social network for various purposes (growth, expansion, security .. etc).

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