Sustainable development is the use of resources to meet human needs not at short-term but long term without harming the natural environment.   Social development is when there are visible improvements in the quality of life for people in particular geographical areas, or social groups especially in health and education and an increase in confidence and capability of a group or community to participate in decisions about its future. Community development is a component of social development.

Environmental physical development, the significant of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) system is designed to inform citizens about potential impacts of any proposed project, usually industrial project, on social and physical environment of the surrounding in their environment and give them opportunity to participate in decisions about the proposed project and how their natural resources are managed , could this accommodate these new expectations in the community or not, in Niger Delta community, gas flaring estimated at 23 billion cubit meters is constantly flare into atmosphere and the surrounding of this community. When human activity is more than nature ability to replenish, consequence is environmental degradation and there is no Environmental Physical development and sustainable development in that community and that is the situation of Niger Delta (Nigeria) and other communities in Africa.

Fostering sustainable approaches community development would strengthen the capacity of communities to take integrated action toward improving environmental, social, and economic condition and would reduce the impact of climate change in Africa communities

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