Humiliation,humiliation,humiliation, was the aftermatch sounds and feelings felt by the Nigerians when the dull supper-Eagle team lost to Ghana yesterday. "It ain't cool" watching some of these over-weight Nigerians players on the pitch. They just don't look like pro footballers to me. A true baller must not exceed 67kg and must be phisically fit,but almost all the present Nigerian players are not fit for a pro game. Their legs k-bended instead of that curved legs you see in drogba and other pro ballers.I'm really mad with the coach who had side-line the better guys for a player like Yusuf and other lazy ones we just watched yesterday and prior.If we must do well in south Africa, Nigerian football federation need to see to it that the present coach and his assistance are desolved and let's us look for a smart coach who would not be stupid enough to select those "supposed rejected"...

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