"Proudly Nigerian” drive

All homegrown goods on the website labeled with a “Proudly Nigerian” stamp

Shoppers now able to easily substitute imported goods with local brands

Shoppers encouraged to buy locally produced products

Initial results in first 2 months of test-run very promising with 32% increase in purchase of local products


With the goal of encouraging the purchase of local products, Supermart has labeled all locally produced products with a “Proudly Nigerian” stamp, making it easier for customers to identify and decide if to spend their naira on local products. By patronizing local products, shoppers effectively support local farmers and companies, while also strengthening the purchasing power of the naira.
Speaking at the launch, co-CEO Gbolahan Fagbure said, “ We're not one to jump on a bandwagon but for the last couple of months, we've been promoting homegrown goods… you will notice a “Proudly Nigerian” tag on all Nigerian-made goods on our site. If you're thinking of substituting more foreign imports for locally produced items, then there's no better place than Supermart to find all you need for your home and office.”
Raphael Afaedor, co-CEO said, “We did a test-run over the last 2 months and what we have seen is that when customers know what is produced in Nigeria versus what is imported, they are likely to choose local equivalents in a significant number of cases; today’s customer wants to make an impact through what they buy.  We have seen a 32% increase in the purchase of local products since we started promoting locally made goods.
By fully rolling out the initiative, expects the proportion of locally purchased products to increase further still, leading to more revenue for local farmers and companies, and thereby generating employment in the local economy.
With over 70,000 products to choose from, comprising of the inventory of all the leading supermarkets and local markets, this is indeed the largest effort across the country to enable customers spend their naira on local products. Customers can use the coupon code “Proudly Nigerian” to get a N1,000 discount on

Source: DailyDigest

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