When the sun sets people return to their places of abode weary and tired, hungry and thirsty after toiling all day long.

When the sun sets the birds stop singing the toads start  croaking the butterflies cease flying, it’s time for the moth to fly.

The hot tiring wind is replaced with the cool refreshing breeze of the night then its time to reflect on the days success and failures before finally laying the head to rest.

At sunset little children are excited it’s time to listen to new tales, it’s time to play under the moonlight and catch the little moth that flies round the fire.

The African woman, the pride of the African home, she sits by the fire with her children round her gently she tells them tales which she was told at childhood.

Gently she teaches her children to be wise always to be good because good always overcome evil.

Sunrise, sunset who knows what the next sunrise will bring, maybe I’ll never see the next sunrise.

As the sun rises and sets, Father! Let my heart always be prepared so that when the sun finally sets on me, I will come home to take my rest in Your right arm where there will neither be sunrise nor sunset.

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