There are several reasons people pursue professional certification. It may be for career opportunities or progression, exploring new interest, or to update learning process. Whatever the reason may be, a quality professional certificate, will no doubt, add value to the experience one has had in life.

Today, there are various bodies and schools offering substandard and not so relevant professional certificates. You can find both offline and online. However, it is best to acquire a career certificates from a reputable institution, which in the end will be useful in the future.

In light of this, we propose to you, the opportunity to study a professional course in Ireland. Irish universities are ranked among the top in the world. There are universities in Ireland that we partner with that offer professional programmes in a vast range of fields like, business and entrepreneurship, marketing management, strategic management, business communication, sales marketing and others.

The good news, it comes at an affordable amount. Coupled with the travelling experience, you will agree with me that it is certainly worth A TRY. Check the date and fee below:

Business & Entrepreneurship 20ECTS – QQI - 14 weeks + exams Sept 23rd 2019. Tuition Fee= €2,500.

Marketing Management
30ECTS – QQI - 14 weeks + exams Sept 23rd 2019 Tuition=€3,500.

Strategic Management
10ECTS - QQI - 14 weeks + exams Sept 23rd 2019 Tuition=€1,250.

Business Communications
20ECTS –QQI - 14 weeks + exams Jan 13th 2020

Sales & Marketing
30ECTS –QQI - 14 weeks + exams Jan 13th 2020

For more information:

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-4 Oba Ogunji Road Pen Cinema Agege Lagos
-759 Independence Avenue CBD, Abuja.
-Whatsapp: 08180003159
-Office Line; 014536680

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