Students Chase Babangida’s Campaigners From Abeokuta... Ha ha ha ha


Haha this IBB man need to get his head examined!

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Comment by Richard on September 10, 2010 at 9:16am
The man Babangida is a greedy man hidding under ethnic unbrella and yet wants the whole peple to believe that he is a democrat. The Abeokuta drama serves him right and should be replicated everywhere and in minna too.
The turn of the North or South is purely the decision of a political party and its not binding on us as Nigerians, except such is spelt out clearly in our national constitition, so we should look forward forget this idea of North or South, do we go back to our history and look at how long the North has been ruling? how do we compensate for those years?
If Babangida want to beome president, is he going to be president of the North or Nigeria? After his 8 years of corrupt and uninterrupted years of misrule and he is still interested because he is the best that the North can offer i terms of leardership, must he be hiddng under ethnig umbrella?
very soon he will turn to religious snetiments, the trademark of his 8 years dictatorship.
If Babangida has honour he should explain what happened to Dele Giwa and june 12 elections, but of course he is coup "General" and so he has no honour. that a man who has presided over the affairs of Nigeria for 8 years can come so low to hide under ethnicity to seek relevance is shameful and disgraceful.
This man should be mourning his wife and rehabitating himself after he murdered democracy.
Babangida should go to minna and keep deceiving those he has deprived of decent education and turnt to beggers so that he can be using them, he cannot fool Nigerians.
Comment by Charles Ugochukwu Okere on September 10, 2010 at 9:16am
IBB needs more than a doctor, he should be sent to a psychiatric home to be quarantined for one full year. We cannot forget in a hurry the injuries he inflicted on the economy of this country with his SAP plus the unaccounted gulf war wind fall which he corned to his pocket.
Comment by ehidiamhen andrewyoung on September 10, 2010 at 7:15am
i strongly i agree wth u, we need to help IBB get a doctor, or hw will u place some one who in d 90s ban politician 60yrs n above. n now at atmost 70yrs suddenly realise he has forgotten something in d villa

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