Struggling with a legal situation? Get help in the most effective way

You might have a lot of general knowledge but when it comes down to getting legal help, you don’t want to put your foot forward. whenever you are in some issue that has government law involved in it, it is wise to let a conveyance lawyer in Sydney handle it. It will not only help you to get a positive outcome of your case but you will be able to deal with the situation without getting your hands dirty.

Who can help?

Solicitors and conveyancers are professionals who specialize in the legal work that is required by home buyers and sellers and in particular the transfer of legal title between these two parties. Generally, when a property changes its hands the process is called conveyancing which can either be done by a property solicitor for a conveyancing solicitor in Sydney. The advantage of hiring a solicitor to do your conveyancing is they have extensively legal knowledge in most areas of law, so they will be on hand to quickly solve legal issues that arise during the course of any transaction.


Conveyancers are the people who have detailed knowledge in the area of law, being into the property business. On the other hand, solicitors have specific knowledge about property law along with wider knowledge of the law in general. This simply means that a solicitor can advise their client on all the aspects of conveyance along with that they can also advise on issues that might relate to the conveyance like tax implications. It can also be related to a property transaction or how the sale of a house might impact their client’s divorce proceedings.

One of the biggest reasons why people hire a conveyancer or solicitor is that they are much more affordable. Conveyancers usually charge between $500-$600 plus disbursements, whereas a solicitor may charge anywhere $1000-$1100 plus disbursements. Although, you should hire a conveyancer when the value of your property is low or your budget is tight or your transaction is straightforward. Moreover, conveyancers will not provide you the same level of service that you can get from a solicitor as they need to carry a lot of files to make a profit.

It is important to keep in mind that property transactions are very complex. The more complex the transaction, the more important it will be to ensure any technical issues, uncertainties or problems that arise can be dealt with quickly. So, if you have hired a conveyancer and problems occur, they will often send you to see off a lawyer, where you will end up paying more than you would have had when you hired a lawyer, to begin with.

One of the reasons why solicitors charge more is because they have a broader knowledge of the law. This allows them to offer advice on issues that fall outside of the area of a regular conveyancing transaction. If the transaction is related to a divorce, for instance, the solicitor handles not only the matrimonial breakdown but also the conveyancing. On the other hand, a conveyancer will only have knowledge that is restricted to the process of conveyancing. They charge lower fees compared to a solicitor but you will also be benefited from their expertise in this area.

They will help you to ensure that your sale settles but won’t be able to help you with other issues such as tax implications. The same can be compared with a real estate agent who has knowledge of conveyancing but doesn't have the skill to complete the settlement transaction for you. However, choosing the right solicitor or conveyancer is important to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly. Yet you will also need to have the right real estate agent working with you, particularly if you are selling a property.


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