Now away from the issue of subsidy and petroleum for awhile, while I call and draw your attention to another most pressing issue, EDUCATION. It is a well known fact that our tertiary institutions are under lock and key, and the question that comes to mind next is why? Yes why so this time again, well from what I could gather, Prof Ukachuwku Awuzie has this to say: we (ASUU) have decided to go on strike because the federal government has failed to implement the agreement reached with it. But my question is, do they mean all of the agreement or just a few? Because from what I have learnt, there are just two (2) left out of the total of nineteen (19) items listed by ASUU. Which are the N106bn arrears, and their selfish issue of 70 years retirement age for teaching staff.
Now let’s ask ourselves, is this enough reason why Mr. Awuzie/ASUU should decide to embark on an indefinite strike? Considering the deplorable state of the Nations Education system, putting the life and future of the Nigerian youth on hold, I think this is rather unfair by the ASUU president. To me what he has done is NOT right and sensible enough for someone whom we learnt is a professor, I doubt his credibility and would not see to the fact that he is fighting for a just and fair cause. Apart from the fact that, past strikes has not so far produced anything meaningful, but has rather done more harm than good on the part of the student, and this gives me worry.
Mr Awuzie, please call off the strike so that the Nigerian youth can at least pray for you and your household, for saving their time already spent in the university and redeeming their future. We are not getting any younger, save us the pain of graduating five (5) years after our peers in the in the private universities, I am sure you do not wish this for your own biological sons and daughters, if truly they attend public institutions.
There are better ways to resolve your differences with the government. For example, joint collaboration with the minister of Education Mrs Ruquyyatu Rufai. I am sure you know better, we cannot afford to waste this much time. I just hope that the purpose of this strike has not or will not fail, because I know that failure is an integral part of silence. Or why is everybody silent about this very important issue, and the future of our youth.

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