The new Nigeria is becoming a reality already. What remains is for us to understand and conciuosly apply the basic pillars and make it our own.

The following are the pillars on which it rests:
1. It recognises that Nigeria is best when we can build a nation that preserves the peoples as they are made by God not change them to conform to the dictates of the nation.In other words the nation will exist to facilitate the lives of the people not the other way round.
2. That Federal Government will work to accentuate only the best of this collective union of peoples or units protected in their natural environment from unnatural change.To this end the Federal Government must be management efficient,outward looking to the comity of nations an best practices while the units( whether states or Region or zones) will be inward looking to preserve the cultures,environment,resources,of the units while retaining its non- tax outputs to further these goals.
3. That each peoples or group naturally already fits in as a useful link towards this natural progress as long as they can perfect their best natures and work without hindrance which itself contributes to the greatest good of the nation.It is the duty of the nation to efficiently manage the external interest of the units for a commensurate fee.

To this end Citizenship is organised in two levels. One is at the unit level the other is at the federal level. The Nigerian citizenship is merited not automatic. Like the merit awards,we have to state criteria for moving from the units citizenship to the full citizenship of Nigeria. At the federal level what qualifies you to vote and be voted for will be:
1. Education( Needed to understand and appreciate the constitution and the oath of office)
2. Competence in required fields of endeavour(Skills)
3. Accommodation in key urban areas where the federal areas are set up.
4. Visa and legal agreement to abide by set regulations and rules,especially contained in the federal constitution.
5. The full citizen will not be ethnic or religious but just Nigerian. The dress codes will be agreed upon to conform to efficient work ethics and not display culture or religion which will be deemphasized,while work ethics will also exclude any native dressing or religious practices during official hours.

To achieve these pillars,in this up -building we have to let each peoples or collective retain in their unique political structure their resources and work out how they would be taxed by the federal government for services leading to the establishment,maintenance and upgrading of such resources in the meantime leading to complete take over by the unit concerned.Call it federalism if you like but this is a uniquely Nigerian design culmulating a research project by this author that kicked off in 1991.

*Mr. Nworisara aspired to be President of Nigeria in 1991/1992 under the defunct Social Democratic Party

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