Strategic Leadership and Management via Emails? Yes!

For top CHROs or managers or team leaders, it’s very difficult to motivate their team and keep them challenged and engaged for them to stay put at your company even after a long duration of time. It’s usually very hard to consider email marketing as an effective tool to solve all issues related to talent management and human capital. 

But strategic leadership and management can be displayed thorough email marketing which keeps you inspired and your team members to also feel inspired. Email marketing strategies can be your go-to leadership strategies to tick-off the box.

Here’s the list of tips which you can leverage to engage, inspire, and motivate your folks:

The Objective and Structure: Don’t start directly with sitting down to write an email without thinking. Sometimes you send stuff which you regret later for the content, grammatical mistakes, and punctuation. Have a notebook opened and jot down what all you wish to write to your employees or team members. It helps. Have a proper alignment in the content you write. Nobody likes a structure-less content. Also, don’t say things you want to say in 100 words when 10 words can say the same. It makes employees feel confused. The content of the email must be professional or a little formal/casual depending upon the context you are using the content for.

Hard to Ignore Subject lines: Usually people have overflowing email inboxes. Most of the emails don’t even get a chance to be opened because they are directly put into thrash. A catchy subject line will draw their attention to whatever you have to say. Subject lines must be related to the content you are detailing out and not some random and misleading sentence. Don’t congest the subject line. It mustn’t exceed 6 words. Get emails designed keeping in mind the mobile and laptop optimization.


Personalization and Customization: Have you read a good piece on any particular choice of your liking. Remember, with emails you’re trying to push strategic leadership and management cause of your company. A good email must be segmented into the right amount of paragraphs with spaces at the right place. If need be, content must be personalized and customized for the particular person. And no, just- Hello John!- isn’t called personalization. You have to invent new ways.

A Great Call-to-Action: Promoting an action though offering business value ensures you motivate people the right way. If the reader clicks your call-to-action or replies in a positive way to connect with you, you can say your leadership strategies are working.

Metrics: Your talent pool is your customers and so metrics must be involved too. How many emails got opened? How many people took the action you were expecting them to take? Who hasn’t responded? And finally, what’s your open and reply percentage. That will help you know whether or not your email’s use as leadership strategies implementation is working or not.

Plan your internal corporate communication and email campaign and let us know.    

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