When Apple announced iCloud would be able to store and backup music files from iOS devices, the iPhone and iPad-loving community inhaled gleefully—imagine, all of our music, with no computer connection! It seemed too good to be true. However, in all honesty, our iPhone 4s arrived in the mail more than a month ago, and we have yet to sync our music with iCloud.
Google recently released their own version of cloud-based music hosting, simply called Google Music. While it does not stream with iOS devices, it does offer playback on any computer or mobile phone. User can also purchase songs or download one of the thousands of free songs.
 google music

Click the Download Music Manager button to start using the service. This download is necessary to start syncing your music music manager

During the installation, you will be asked for your Google account name and password, as well as the location of your music on your computer.

You can upload 20,000 songs for free, which is an ample amount by most standards. You can choose to sync your music manually or automatically. We chose the automatic method. Google Music also uploaded our iTunes-based playlists.

If you have a large music collection, it may take a while for Google Music to upload all of your songs. If you need to shut down your computer during the upload it is no big deal—Google music will simply resume when your computer restarts. As songs are uploaded, they are added to your online library. Click any album to play a song.


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