"I almost want someone to say to me, "you'd be really good at.....Raikov Effect  " and then I'd go off, do what I needed to do to do that, and then actually be good at it and enjoy it - happy ever after!"

~Jenny, one of my international clients:

It can feel really hard to be stuck and not sure what you want to do with your... (Insert any of the following: life, career, relationship, etc). Jenny does know that she wants to make some changes in her life. She'd made a list of possible career options, though wasn't really sure that any of these ideas interested her enough to take them to the next level. Was it that she wasn't really committed to any of these things May be it was because that negative person on her shoulder was saying, 'what's the point, you won't be able to do any of them anyway because... (Insert your own negative thinking response here such as: 'you're too old,' or 'you don't have any qualifications,' or 'you'd never be any good at it.' etc)'

In times like this wouldn't it be wonderful if your coach, partner, best friend or boss could simply say.

"You'd be really good at..." and solve the confusion for us With the mystery solved and you could go off and enjoy the rest of your life, as Jenny says "happy ever after!" I have experienced confusion and waiting around for someone else to come and save me and tell me what I needed to do. They never came. Trust me... you'll be waiting a very long time! People will offer advice and ideas, though often their solutions are based on their own opinions of what you should do and not necessarily what you want to do.

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