STOP THE LIES Jonathanians here is BUHARI’S verifiable CV.

 STOP THE LIES Jonathanians here is BUHARI’S verifiable CV.
Born in Daura, Katsina State, on 17 Dec.
Attended Pry Sch. in Daura & Mai’adua,...
1948-1952; Katsina Model Sch. in 1953 &
Katsina Provincial Secondary Sch.(now
Govt College Katsina) from 1956-1961.
Joined the then Nigerian Military Training Sch.,
Kaduna in 1963.
Attended Officer’s Cadet Sch. in Aldershot
(United Kingdom), Oct. 1963
Attended Platoon Commanders’ Course at the
Nigerian Military College, Kaduna, 1964
Attended the Mechanical Transport Officer’s
Course at the Army Mechanical Transport Sch.
in Borden (United Kingdom) 1965
Studied at the Defence Services’ Staff College,
Wellington (India), 1973
Attended the United States Army War College,
June 1979 to June 1980.
Professional Achievements
Platoon Commander, 2nd Infantry Battalion,
Mechanical Transport Officer, Lagos Garrison,
Transport Company Commander, 2nd Infantry
Brigade, 1965-1966;
Battalion Adjutant/Commander, 2nd Infantry
Brigade, 1966-1967;
Brigade Major, 2nd Sector, 1st Infantry Division,
April to July, 1967;
Brigade Major, 3rd Infantry Division, Aug. 1967
– Oct. 1968;
Acting Commander, 4th Sector, 1st Division,
Nov. 1968 – Feb. 1970;
Commander, 31st Infantry Brigade, 1st Infantry
Division, Feb. 1970 – June 1971;
Assistant Adjutant-General, 1st Infantry Division
Headquarters, July 1971 – Dec. 1972;
Colonel, General Staff, 3rd Infantry Division
Headquarters, Jan. 1974 – Sept. 1974;
Acting Director Supply and Transport, Nigeria Army
Corps Headquarters, Sept. 1974 – July 1975;
Military Governor, North Eastern State of Nigeria,
Aug. 1975 – March 1976;
Federal Commissioner for Petroleum Resources,
March 1976 – June 1978;
Chairman, Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation, June 1978 – July 1978;
Military Secretary, Army Headquarters, July 1978 –
June 1979;
Member, Supreme Military Council, July 1978 –
June 1979;
General Officer Commanding, 4th Infantry Division.

Now the Presidential Candidate for All Progressive Congress.

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