Stop Playing Games with Your Marriage

As difficult as it really is to understand, married couples continue to play games with one another right after they are married. Being blunt, this kind of game playing is risky towards the health of the marriage relationship and must be stopped at any cost. There is no room for this within a happy marriage.


Aha! Perhaps this is the point. In case you or your partner is normally playing games, then it can be a sign that the marital relationship is not as happy as it may be. Or, maybe the situation is even worse and your own marriage is set in real trouble. Regardless of whether it’s singing nicely, the simple fact that mind games are now being played signifies that there’s room for growth.


Obviously we’re referring to mind games at this point. This can be known as manipulation, deceit, laying guilt trips or perhaps getting dishonest about what exactly is happening. But, there are also kinds of marriage games that you could play. What we’re referring to here are much more purposeful games in which the two of you can play as partners. There just isn’t sneaky with regards to them, and they’re created to help improve your own relationship.


“Why I love you.” This particular game is the same as it may sound. You look and feel one another in the eye, and then each partner will take turns speaking about one good reason why they love one another. The first couple of times you have fun with this will likely be hard to name some things, which is certainly fine. Both of you must accept not to take the game personally if the other partner is getting a problem. The more and more you play the game, the more fun you’ll have.


“What you mean to me.” This kind of game is totally identical to the “Why I love you” game, however you each take turns just saying what you mean towards the other. Think of just how much better you’ll make one another feel as you grow better at rattling away the lists of the reasons you love and value one another.


“Silence is golden.” People say the majority of our own communication is non-verbal. You may put this on a test and work with getting a much better relationship while doing so. Take a predetermined length of time in which you may say yes to speak with one another without the need for any words. If you can, try getting this done for a whole day. Likewise, pick a block of time in which you will be with each other for some of it, or else it’s not going to have a similar result. You may well be surprised about the amount of what you can say without making use of any words at all.


While there are several games you must never play when you’re married (such as mind games), you’ll find marriage games that may assist you become closer like a couple. The games previously mentioned are a great start, but there’s no reason you simply can’t create games of your own, or perhaps look for other games everyone has made for the goal of a happier marriage.

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