STATE OF ENVIRONMENT: Gas Flaring in Nigeria


Gas flare is harmful gases release into the atmosphere, a variety of gaseous pollutants exist in gas flaring, including carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and other volatile organic compounds, including benzene and toluene. The pollution has affected the sustainable living, environment and health of the communities of Niger Delta of Nigeria.

The impact of gas flaring has devastate the health of the people, sulphur dioxide, main components of respirable particles in the atmosphere has reportedefense, and damage to plants and crops. In addition, nitrogen dioxide, main precursors of acid rain, has acidified streams, rivers; the communitiesd affected children, including developmental delays, behavior problems, respiratory illness, changes in lungs  continue to fish in polluted stream or river. The main source of drinking water is continually polluted by gas flaring, entire environment and livelihood of the community has been contaminated and polluted by gas flaring and oil spills for years, this has affected their standard of living, 99.9% of local people live in abject poverty.

Nigeria is the largest gas flaring, the gas flaring are (in declining order) Nigeria, Russian, Iran, Algeria, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia and United States. Night time light pollution satellite imagery was used to estimate gas flaring, finding put estimate number of Nigeria at 23 billion cubit meters, the largest gas flaring in the world . The oil industrials in Niger Delta have continuous flaring 23 billion cubic meters of hazardous gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere which have a long range of harmful effects, including deterioration of building materials, degeneration of trees and other plants, and respiratory ailments in humans and animals.

There is court ruling by the Federal High Court of Nigeria that forbid gas flaring in 2003 and in 2008, passed orders to stop gas flaring and it is illegal. Despite, the enactment, oil industrials did not desist from gas flaring.  Environmental voice appeal to Friends of the Earth and international agencies to campaign against oil industrials in Niger Delta to abstain from flaring of 23 billion cubic meters  hazardous gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere and demand justice for this community and compliance with court orders to stop the gas flaring. Environmental health issues and community improvement and development are the urgent needs of Niger Delta communities have been exposed to environmental hazard too long. Advocate today and be a voice, let us educate communities about their environmental risks and their rights. I am confidence in the Friends of the Earth and International Agencies for environment/climate change can challenge and rescue and make a difference in the lives of Niger Delta communities form this industrial abuse.

















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