Starting A Profitable Rice Farm And Rice Production Business In Nigeria

Starting A Profitable Rice Farm In Nigeria - During my NYSC year, i came to understand the importance of having a Rice farm. At that time, we were still very much under President Goodluck Jonathan Regime. So there was not yet the ban on the importation of Foreign Rice into the country. Now the point is this, The people of Cross River state who were very much into the production of Rice then where making cool cash from it already before the importation of Rice was banned.

 What do you think will be the very profit margin of those who where into rice production then and now? The reason for this publication is to teach everyone who comes across this article the process involved in starting a rice farm in Nigeria because believe me, it has become one of the most profit making business anyone from this country can engage in.rice I was really shocked to see that some persons where arrested early this year for smuggling over one thousand bags of rice into the country. Now the risk and resources involved in smuggling such an amount of rice into the country is very much enough to start up a rice farm business which i will be showing us shortly.

 It is a well known facts that rice leads the way when it come to top consumable commodities in the country. And this have made it one of the top most sought after commodities in the country. We still remember vividly well that some of the latest government policies constituted by the President Buhari regime, have made it very difficult if not impossible to import rice and now have paved a marketable platform for more profit for them.

 The recent rice in the sale of a bag of rice ranging from twenty seven thousand naira to twenty two thousand naira have been the sole ban by the Federal government on rice importation to Nigeria. Though the reason for the ban is quite genuine because the federal government had said they would want local production to soar high the margin.

  Many experts have suggested that rice farming in Nigeria is the country's new gold mine to make lots of cash. And this have prompted me to make this publication on Starting a Profitable Rice Farm And Rice production Business in Nigeria.
The reason so  many persons have decided not go into Rice farming, is because they think it is very might complicated to do. But the truth is that it is not as complicated as many do think.

 Many persons have always been asking me how Profitable Is rice Farm Production business in Nigeria? Well for me, it depends on your start up capital. Which means that the  bigger your start up capital investment, the bigger your profit margin should still be

 Knowledge is power and that is the fact. With the knowledge of knowing how to go into rice farming, you wont have any issues. This means that like my friends in cross river state,  any interested person can start and run a very profitable rice farm. All such a person requires is the basic knowledge of rice production.

 Many people may think of the time duration in starting a rice farm business as an issue but it is not really an issue because rice production takes a very short maturity period for it to become ready for consumption. it only takes  about 4 months for rice to mature. This means that for those who would want to take short term loan can actually do so.

 The production of rice when practiced with the very basic knowledge is  capable of producing 100 bags from just one acre of land. This indeed a "gold mine" Imagine 100 bags of rice times 27 Thousand naira?

How to Start a Rice Farm/ Rice Production business in Nigeria.

 Now lets discuss a step by step procedures of  starting a rice farm.

 1. Choose healthy rice seeds
All rice seedlings are not the same. We have various kinds of rice seedlings. This means that when choosing a particular seedlings for planting, interested applicants should consider their adaption to the environment. So check for the nearest aggro product market in your vicinity so that you can find out which rice seed will strive well in that state .

When Selecting a good quality seed, it will sure help you by:
1. Improving yield by 5 – 20%
2. Improving germination by more than 80%
3. Increasing the resistance to disease and pest attacks
4. Producing consistent plant size
5. Decreasing weed problems

Lets see the Rice Seedlings in a Nursery
I do believe that the nursery stage is one of the most important stage of rice farming so Rice farmers as it where should must give adequate attention to the nursery stage of the rice seed. Please ensure you Cover the soil with a transparent polythene sheet. This will make the land be able to maintain its temperature so that the rice will avoiding soil borne diseases. One of the issues one might face in the production of rice is a significantly decreased which could be caused if transplanted rice is attacked by nematodes and other soil borne pathogenic diseases as well.

Selection  of Land
According to rice experts, the greatest capital for the production of rice, is the land. The amount of rice to be produced depends on the capacity of the land. And there are lots of variables that are worthy of consideration while choosing a land. They are the drainage facilities, type of soil and location. For a small farmer, he or she will need a size of around 6 acres.

Rice Maturity Period and Harvesting
I have said it before that  rice farming has a fairly short maturity period which is Within 4 months of planting the rice seedlings. After the rice is matured, its color will now change from green to light brown. This is a signal that your rice ready for harvesting.

Cost Of Setting Up A Rice Farm

 Well i am very sure that i cant give you a final figure regarding the cost capital that is needed to set up and run  a profitable rice farming business in  Nigeria. The reason is simple because to start up a commercial rice farm varies in terms of the capacity you would want to invest.

 But there are factors to consider while establishing a rice farm. which are sufficient amount of land

 You will also buy rice seedlings and every other equipment that will be needed which includes pest control. For those of us who must have been following, you will note that Rice production or rice milling as it is also known needs an adequate workforce, equipment and machinery.

 When it comes to Retailing and dealership of rice produce, it does not require much rather it only demands for  the lowest amount of capital investment. For a rice business starters, please note that  the initial expenses of rice production do consist of basic supplies, basic equipment, delivery, packaging, transportation, operating costs and various other outlays.

 I would advise that you seek for soft loans from places like micro finance banks, LAPO, etc to start up this.

 You can reach me via the comment box.

Starting A Profitable Rice Farm And Rice Production Business In Nigeria

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