What is this saying" Set up signs and mark the road , find again the way by which your Ancient Ancestors left. Come back, people of the Israel , come home to the domains your Distance Ancestral Ancestors left. How long will you hesitate , faithless people? I have created something new and different , as different as a complex building heart center temple house body of knowledge in one body order compliant host body of manhood hosting a glorious spiritual being to protecting humanity. Indeed, this is the day that Black Africans configure to figure out the real value face of upturned image of Africa universal figure cosmic microwave radiation background of Atlantic ocean current motion in air form central core fluid intelligent system atmosphere to read the foundations of earth giant head coil grid power that explore complex building heart center temple house body of knowledge , for Black Africans Ancestral idol once rejected to be accepted backward to its unchangeable ring of engagement seal of moral authority control environment store crystal energy globe in good sense of JEREMIAH 31:36-37 judgment for JEREMIAH 33:14-26.

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