Some Unusual Memorabilia to Help You to Celebrate Solar Eclipse 2017

The total solar eclipse this year was unprecedented in terms of both the coverage across America and the level of interest and enthusiasm among the general public to view what was perhaps unarguably the biggest natural phenomenon this decade. As can be very well imagined, entrepreneurs all over the country came up with a large assortment of ideas for merchandise and memorabilia to help everyone celebrate what came to be known as "The Great American Eclipse". Some of the more unusual ones that you may have missed out on:

MoonPie Survival Kit
Observing the solar eclipse is an arduous affair and would hardly be enjoyable if you are going hungry, hence the MoonPie Survival Kit! The company’s official description is “," a classic treat consisting of a mound of marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers and dipped in a flavored coating.” You get a “survival kit” that has four moon-pies; two with chocolate flavor, and one each of banana and vanilla, along with two pairs of special glasses for watching the eclipse.

Dog Glasses
When as an informed individual you are taking all the precautions for watching the solar eclipse safely, there’s absolutely no reason for you to expose your dog to the hazards. The special goggles or “doggles” are available from Petco. As it turns out, the company has been manufacturing it for years, but sales are sure to receive a fillip this year as concerned dog owners would spare no efforts to keep their pets safe. Watching the solar eclipse Iowa would surely be safer for pooches this time!

Eclipse Booze
If you are a fan of Ozzy Osbourne, you can treat yourself to a bottle of special solar eclipse red wine launched for his concert at the Moon stock festival. If the $50 bottle is too ordinary for you, you can opt for a collector’s edition that comes replete with an autographed label on the bottle and a hand-crafted casket of hardwood. There is also a red wine commemorating the eclipse from the Starview Vineyard and a white wine from Alto Vineyards, while Blue Sky makes available a special edition Chambourcin with wine glasses, T-shirts, posters, and of course, the mandatory viewing glasses. If you are not into alcohol, you could buy instead, Black Cherry Soda with a special eclipse label manufactured by Excel Bottling Company.

Postal Stamps
Not to be outdone by private entrepreneurs, the United States Postal Service issued special commemorative solar eclipse stamps that had stamp collectors rushing to pick up one. It is the first stamp issued in the country to use thermochromic ink; when you place your finger, the heat of your touch clears the black disk on the stamp to an image of the moon. After the stamp cools, you get back the black disk again.

The quirky examples of this year’s solar eclipse memorabilia prove that while the phenomenon is of great significance to the scientific community, the general public can have a lot of fun watching it and bringing back home mementos to remind them of the experience.

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