Some Applications on Google Play Store Contain Malware’s

Malware’s can be really annoying as they prevent you from performing meaningful tasks on your smartphones, they also make devices lag and they consume battery power. Most ad wares are click baits while some are data mining tools which Google frowns upon.

Just last week the search engine giant Google deleted about 86 applications believed to contain malware’s used in gathering android user data, it was gathered that this application has been installed by over 9,000,000 users as they disguised as Game Applications, TV Remote Control, AC Remote Control which could easily be passed as harmless, even one of such apps was found among the trending apps on play store.

The easy remote control application which pops up a full screen advert and upon closing the ad, it pop’s up another button which has a call to action ‘start app or next‘ and also another banner ad, If the user taps the button, another ad pop’s up and if the user decides to close the adware more buttons will start popping up which will decrease such a users mobile user experience, some of this apps also monitor user actions like unlocking your Android with a pattern or password.

Trends micro was able to get Google to verify and remove the 86 applications from the play store,

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