Social media reacts as 14-yr-old Joshua Beckford graduates from Oxford

Arogbonlo Israel

Joshua Beckford, one of the smartest kids in the world graduated from the prestigious Oxford University at the age 14, which naturally sent Nigerians flocking to social media.

At six, Beckford emerged the youngest person with autism to be accepted to Oxford University where he studied philosophy and history One of the world smartest boys Joshua Beckford is set to visit Nigeria.

According to report, Beckford was named as one of the most intelligent children in the world as he graduated from the prestigious Oxford University at age 14.

In a related news, the genius is expected to visit Nigeria where he is to raise fund for the building of a school project in Kaduna state.

VANGUARD gathered some reactions on Facebook as follows:

While reacting to the news @Victor James  said, "You have to be 16 before you are admitted into the university in UK how come he graduated before the age of majority?"

Another user @Sammy O Oluwole Olojede in disbelief said, "Why I did my own common entrance exam @18years in those days, nawaa oooo."

Happy about the news @Timi Crescent said, "Waw. Congratulations����.
Here in Nigeria he won't even given admission into some public varsities."

Commending Beckford on his feat @Ayuba Musa said, "But this should be in a Guinness book's of record."

Reacting to a user who goes by the name Alexander Uche @Abubakar Kadir said, "Dear Alexander nwateacher uche if you can't encourage people from doing the right thing. Just make sure you keep you mouth shut. By the way it is an information. You either know the authentication of the post so why all these?"

While @Lukkaz Obiagwu Kenneth in his views, advised the Federal Government of Nigeria to learn from Beckford's story by improving in its human developmental plans. 

"Its possible the boy is a genius and there are some like him abroad. Nigerian govt should learn how to harness her citizen talents early, so that they serve the country for a longer time and also, impact positively to the society."

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