Social media is self-destructive if - Folashade Olukoya

Arogbonlo Israel

The wife of the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Pastor Mrs. FolaShade Olukoya on Saturday said social media could be destructive if not well managed.

Folashade made this known during a sermon tagged 'Ready materials for revival' at the 30th anniversary/convention of the MFM.

According to her, "We are in a new generation, even though it looks similar to past generation in terms of achievements and potentials.

"It is very sad to note that this generation have the tendency to turn its back to God if the church isn’t revived. The alter of the lord turns cold when there is no revival.

"That gives us a clear understanding how important our duty is as a church, government officials to cry out and earnestly seek the face of God for spiritual revival."

She added: "Satan is busy causing many problems today just as he did in generations gone by. The devil devices are working effectively more than ever before to a devastating effect.

"One of its most effective weapon is the social media which some people have been busy with. It is being used to lure the youths into some contrary cultures opposite of their divine destiny."

On the negative effect of social media, she said: "There are now taught how to dress or cut hair immorally, slangs or vocabularies that cannot be found in the dictionary. This generation like other generations is heavily faced with temptations. Satan has the ply to recruit more people to himself through demonic lifestyles.

"Some families have packed away their prayer alters and replaced it with gossips. They have their heads bowed to smart phones and other idols of the modern day. They sit on their computer browsing from window to window like witchcraft birds and end up landing in satan’s palace."

The clergywoman urged the congregation to take precautionary measures so as to avoid more disasters through the abuse of the social media.

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