Simple but Efficient Watches That Are Changing The Game

For the working man, watches are a key accessory in making the right impression to the people they meet. Preferences may change from modern to classic to vintage. However, every man must have this timeless accessory of their own. Impressions, especially first ones, have a profound effect on how one may see a person, and it all starts with how one dresses.

The way a man dresses gives people a tell on how he is in everyday business, and a watch helps put his best foot forward when meeting new people. If you are an everyday renaissance man, you will need a watch that can make an impact but also remain sleek and classic. Here are watches that can give you confidence and help you make a mark. 

Magic Watch 2 by Huawei

The Apple Watch may be attracting consumers that prefer an almost phone-like appearance to their watches, but Huawei will soon be releasing a new edition to their smartwatch that appeals to those who look for similar functions in a more classic design.  

The Magic Watch 2 is prepared to go on sale in December in numerous Asian and European countries. It is priced at $200-$210 depending on the model. Huawei advertises the extreme battery life of the Magic Watch as it can span for a week for the 42mm version of the watch. It can extend to 14 days with the 46mm version as both types are using Huawei’s Kirin A1 Chip.

It contains functions such as a built-in heart rate monitor, a fitness tracker, a GPS, and is water-resistant up to 5 ATMs. Huawei also advertises that it is equipped with the ability to track and diagnose certain sleeping disorders with the ability to provide over 200 suggestions that give way to a better night’s sleep.

Khaki Pilot Watch by Schott NYC x Hamilton

In contrast to modern smartwatches, Schott NYC and Hamilton collaborated to create a watch that provides a vintage American design with the strap made from authentic, high-quality leather. Hamilton specializes in making beautiful timepieces from Switzerland but at a price that doesn’t break the bank like most Swiss brands. 

Schott NYC and Hamilton’s collaboration was long-awaited as they both share a deep connection with American Military since Schott NYC also provided leather flight jackets around the same time in WWII. Separating itself to the other Hamilton Khaki King models that are offered in the market, the Khaki Pilot watch signifies a more profound patriotism. 

It is a 46 mm case with a khaki green dial, which contrasts the Super-LumiNova hands and numbers, which is a feature that draws inspiration from when pilots would check the time in darkness. The Schott NYC x Hamilton Khaki Pilot watch retails for approximately $1,145, which doesn’t stray far from typical Hamilton watches.

The Archival Series Mood Watch by Fossil

For men that prefer an electronic watch with an interesting twist. Fossil came out with a limited edition “The Archival Series Mood Watch,” which features a colored dial encased in 42mm stainless steel that shifts in hue due to the mood decoder on the back. Providing a constantly changing appearance to the watch’s design. 

Not only is it sleek and modern, but it is also water-resistant. It can handle pressure at a maximum of 5 ATMs, making everyday activities such as washing dishes an issue of the past. The black leather strap is simple, which provides a necessary contrast to the ever-shifting colors of the dial.

This isn’t the first time Fossil has released a color-changing watch, as they launched their Mood Ring watch back in 1996. Prompted by their Archival Series, they are bringing back classic Fossil timepieces with a more chic and modern touch, appealing to loyal Fossil consumers and a modern watch-wearer. 


Watches are an essential accessory to have on any occasion, and an array of styles leave different but lasting impressions. Finding a watch that’s suitable for your daily life and style isn’t impossible, and having a watch that can pair with any attire can elevate your presence. One that has a touch of individuality will ensure that you will stand out from the rest.  

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