Signs of fraudulent online casinos and online poker rooms

At present, there are several thousand online casinos on the Internet, as well as poker rooms - and, judging by the latest trends, their number will only increase. Not all virtual institutions are equally interesting, popular and profitable. Moreover, there are also frankly fraudulent online casinos and poker rooms. About how not to be in a bad company, we want to tell.


In most cases, dishonest institution can be identified by appearance. Creating a full-fledged online casino or poker room costs time and money. As a rule, fraudsters do not possess either one or the other. A typical online casino scam and poker room is a rather clumsy site, with minimal functionality and scant content. Therefore, we strongly recommend playing online poker only in a trusted institution, such as, which is preferred by many players.


Playing in a fraudulent online casino is conducted right in the browser window, there is usually no downloadable software for a computer and smartphones. Raises questions and a set of proposed games. It is clear that we are not talking about licensed software. Hacked versions of slot machines are not the very first freshness. You will not find the latest innovations, and even two or three-year-old slots are unlikely to come across.

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