Mr. President! If you had taken time to sleep over the advice of those who told you to remove the subsidy now when it is obvious that the masses no longer trust all of you politicians, this uprising would have been averted. First of all i know that am not big enough or even in the class of those who can advice you, but a good right thinking leader will first put somethings in place like stepping on toes by arresting and jailing all of these guys who have put this country to the situation it is today and who would not want any good and real change take place. Believe you me, this move alone will put every Nigerian behind you even with their blood if you decide to remove the subsidy and someone wants to challenge your decision. It is not still very late for you and your government to save your reputation now......... you have promised so many things which you didnt even start doing just like those before you. All the probes and panel of inquiries reports which you verbally vowed to implement to the later is now thrown into the dust bin just like those before you. Tell me how Nigerians will trust you when most of your moves has shown that you are not different from those who came before you? Tell me, how Nigerians can trust you when your 2012 budget showed flaws that you want Nigerians to tighten the belt of their hungry stricken body whereas you budgeted all manner of billions for you and your immediate family, buying of more presidential jets, cars and maintaining and running generators when you want us to believe that you will fix the issue of electricity which is the only engine that can turn around the economy of this country and put many youths to work without depending on your government to help them.  Your wife now turning herself to Mariam Abacha in a democratic government when you told Nigerians how you began from a humble background with a pair of shoes story etc. GO AFTER THESE CABALS, PUT THEM BEHIND BARS and watch how Nigerians will fall behind you in all your programms and presidency. The people around you as friends and associates does not want you to success because the lope-holes you are planning to close, is where they have dugged to starsh  away the economy of our dear country, Nigeria. 

A word is enough for the wise!

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