Sexually Assaulted? Steps to take after the Traumatic Ordeal

It is traumatic when a person undergoes sexual assault. Any person who survives the ordeal undergoes psychological, emotional, and physical wounds. In the first instance, it isn't easy to know the action to take. Since both boys and girls are at risk of sexual assault, it is essential to learn the dos and don'ts. In this read, we will learn how a person can stay safe, behave when assaulted, and cope with the traumatic experience.

What to do when in Danger

The first action to take when in danger is to call 911. However, when you are in a place that you do not feel safe, it is vital to find someone you can trust. A familiar face will give you the much-needed company, and you will feel safer. It is essential to know that it is not your fault for whatever happened.

There is a national and local toll-free line that sexually assaulted people can call. Also, a clergy abuse lawyer has experience with such cases and will offer the best legal advice to the victim. Let us delve into the steps that a victim of sexual assault can take.

Steps to take after Sexual Assault

Report to the Authorities

It may be confusing when sexually assaulted by a person you know, but it is vital to report sexual assault incidents to the authorities. The police will respond to such cases, after which the victims can undergo medical tests for evidence against the perpetrator. There is a short window available for the victim to report, or the case will be weak.

By filing a report with the authorities will help when seeking justice against the perpetrator. If you are not comfortable with the police, find someone to accompany you, or you can contact non-governmental organizations that assist sexual assault victims.

Keep Safe

Safety and security are important in averting the risk of sexual assault. The experience of being sexually assaulted can be overwhelming or shocking. There will be an explosion of emotions and thoughts after the ordeal. Family and your best friend can help the survivor cope with the experience. The assaulted person needs to feel safe in their body and be capable to trust people again.

Find support

Since sexual assault is a traumatic experience, survivors need to build their confidence back. After they are safe in the physical, it is vital to handle their emotional wellbeing. The ideal person is the one who does not enquire about the ordeal. The victim needs not to relieve the moment, and it helps to empathize with them. It will build their confidence and self-esteem. Victims who do not have people to support them can talk to organizations that offer sexually assaulted individuals.


The process of healing for victims of sexual assault should be an engaging one. Please do not allow them to stay alone, as this will lead to stress and depression. Being active will help in sexual assault victim's mental and psychological well-being. There is no need to be afraid. Kindly contact relevant authorities if you have undergone sexual assault.

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