In this day and age, there several misconceptions about the marriage institution. One of such fallacies is the use of sexual intimacy as a way to find a
suitable spouse. A number of mundane
conclusions on how sexual intimacy serve to confirm if one would be a good
spouse include:

· Checking if he or she could perform sexually

· Checking the size of the man’s penis

· Checking out the fitness of the woman’s vagina

· Checking if the woman can conceive and bear children

· Checking if the man can impregnate a woman

Absurd as some of these are to refined and decent minds, it is so popular these days that every one of us should be worried. The above activities
and mindset are not only indecent; they are sins and they produces the exact
opposite of the desire of those who taunt them.

The kind of spouse you can get using sexual intercourse would be untrustworthy, lacking in virtue and unfriendly. Friendship, trust and virtue
are critical base elements of the foundation for joyful relationships. Without these virtues in a relationship,
those involved in it have nothing worthy of their time together.

Sexual intercourse in all its glamour has been found completely wanting in producing a satisfactory relationship. Many relationships where
spouse abuse, wickedness and infidelity abound have been found to be those
contracted without foundation. A house
standing on its roof cannot be habitable.
So is a relationship which started with sexual intercourse instead of
culminating into sexual intimacy after marriage.

It makes sense to repeat here that sexual intercourse, no matter, how thrilling, cannot produce a relationship. Any relationship
established with sexual relationship as its basis is a wasted effort and
sometimes ends in trauma.

The relationship between a man and a woman requires greater value intimacy than what sexual intimacy can produce. Emotional intimacy is the
superior intimacy in the relationship between men and women. This is the bonding agent for lasting and
joyful relationships. The longest period
the value of sexual intimacy can last with people is one hour. It may be remembered in flashes in future and
mostly with a view to getting a better thrill than the one afforded by the
sexual act.

A relationship is like a building. It needs to be established stage by stage. You cannot pack into a house before building it. Sexual intercourse
is only valuable and reasonable in a legal and lawful marriage relationship
which is like a completed building.

This is a call for people to follow the process of building relationships by studying and working through the foundation for joyful relationships by first establishing friendship, trust,
faith in God, virtue, learn purpose of the relationship between men and women,
love, understanding, forgiveness, etc.

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Comment by Francis Nmeribe on November 4, 2010 at 2:56pm
Uwadia, it is a long time I heard from you in the Community. I am glad to hear from you. And thanks for your kind comments. How are you treating life? lol. I hope and pray you are having a great time helping others and yourself to feel the love of God. Cheers.
Comment by UWADIA OROBOSA on November 3, 2010 at 11:09am
Sir, thanks for this enlightenment.

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