Seven Tech Skills you should learn to be a part of the Future

By Udo Wisdom

1.Web Development: Most businesses are going online hence if you learn how to build websites, you will only be preparing to remain relevant in this digital age.

2.Mobile Development: Mobile applications is  still much relevant in our world. So if you have the passion to build apps that solves problem. Jumb on this skill.

3.Digital Marketing: According to, anyone who wishes to thrive in this field must be prepared to learn the following 

Digital marketing tools 

Analytics tools

Social media marketing 

Content marketing 


4.Digital PR / Social media management: The public relations profession is gradually moving from the traditional practice as most companies are currently using their social media handles to create the good image for their brands.

5.Internet of Things (IoT): the world is poised to become smarter as the days goes by. A smart world is only possible with connected devices, when your smart phone interacts with your smart TV. IoT is at work.

6.Artificial Intelligence: popularly referred to as AI, Machines are taking the place of humans in the labour force. Learning AI is a step in the right direction.

7.Digital Design : There are so many areas of design you may consider learning as the skill is in high demand, from graphics design to UI/UX down to product design. Learning any of these skills will pay off handsomely.


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