Everyone in the world is born with natural instincts for survival.   Becoming Limitless This is a phenomenon not just limited to man. It is also natural with animals. Many people are at a loss of how to succeed in life. They imagine they only need to work hard to make it. In fact men has had many beliefs concerning what controls success, with many such beliefs bordering on superstition. However, there are principles that lead to success and these are the focus of the article.

One of the major determinants of success is what you, as a person believes about your ability to succeed. Research studies conducted on determinants of success based on the lives of more than 100 business people shows that success comes about through believing that you have what it takes.People who have succeeded in business; athletics and any other mission in life have all believed that they can do it. They have refused to believe that it is impossible to achieve their dreams. In the face of multiple failures, they have soldiered on. As a result of their resolve and determination not to give up, they are rewarded with success. They say that fortune favors the brave.

No man is an island. You cannot succeed in life without the cooperation of others. In fact, in life the principle of give and take plays an important role in the functionality of the human being. This is because on your own, you do not possess self-sustaining resources to meet the varied challenges of life. Therefore, you need the support of your friends and neighbors to succeed.Do well to others and in turn, good will be done to you. Somehow, things will start to work in your favor. Doors that seemed permanently locked will suddenly open on their own volition as you approach them. The goodwill you have created with your fellow man suddenly starts to pay dividends and success comes knocking at your door.


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