Self Confidence is a key factor in the success equation.
It is easy to get demoralized, frustrated and resentful if you lack self-confidence.
Marcus Garvey once remarked “if you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have succeeded even before you have begun”
Self Confidence is concerned with how a person feel’s about his ability.
A successful entrepreneur always believes in his dreams and abilities.
He is not scared of exploring new opportunities or venturing into unknown frontiers.
Self-confidence must however not be confused with arrogance.
Self-confidence is a skill that comes via training over a period of time.
One of the reasons why an individual may lack self confidence is lack of knowledge.
If you don’t understand how a machine works, you can never operate it with confidence.
If you lack the necessary skills as a footballer, it will show in your manner of play, as you will end up putting up an unconvincing display.
Years back, I was so shy, that I could hardly speak to people without blinking an eyelid.
It was so tough then, that I kept on avoiding contacts without the opposite sex.
I was suffering from what I term “low self esteem” or lack of self confidence.
What caused it?
Fear of failure and what others will say about me!
The fear was so strong, that others noticed it.
That’s the funny side about self confidence.
If you have a full doze of confidence, others will notice it.
If you lack confidence, it will be written all over you, and it will even be oozing out of you, where others can easily notice it.
I once attended an interview in a furniture company in 1991, together with fifteen other individuals.
When the interview session started, I observed that a particular fellow was sweating profusely, even when the air conditioners were on.
He was suffering from the confidence syndrome.
The resultant effect was that he messed up the interview and lost the Job.
An individual does not acquire self confidence overnight, but with time, he or she gradually learns the ropes in the area of specialty.
Acquisition of that knowledge brings with it self confidence, and the ability to face the crowd and surmount whatever may be thrown at you.
Improved self confidence comes as a result of better relationship with others.
Any man or woman on earth who has achieved greater success in life was known to have greater self confidence than the average individual.
When you take action toward that which you most desire, your self-confidence will soar.
Overcoming self-doubt means that you feel confident, comfortable in your own shoes, and happy to be YOU.
There is less to fear because you know that you’re okay and no matter what, you will make the right decision.
When you stop doubting yourself at every slightest opportunity, you let yourself off the hook from pretending to be someone else.

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