Tell it to yourself,that you have got the seeds of GREATNESS in you and you will soon happen.The seeds of greatness are those POSITIVE things embedded within you,those things you are passionate,purposed and visioned about.They could be your POTENTIALS,qualities,talents etc(outstanding ones) that sets you apart and makes you a sought after.You know yourself better. Remember,'what a man SOWS,is what he REAPS' and that is the more reason,these seeds(potentials) have to be carefully NURTURED for an abundant harvest.listen to me,having those potentials in you is just not enough,you have to discover them before you can begin to nurture them.CREATE the right atmosphere for these potentials to thrive.The best time to have planted a tree was 20years back,the next best time is now.DISCOVER yours today and start nurturing.As part of nurturing these potentials,you have to HONE and rehone them by signing up for seminars,workshops etc.No amount or time spent on a BETTER tomorrow is too much or wasted.Every bit of it is worth it. A man's potentials are surrounded by destiny-killers inevitably.They make it a point of duty to RUN ones potentials down that is why as a statistician c** mathematician,I will advice you 'DIFFERENTIATE the destiny-killers and INTEGRATE the destiny-makers',people who help guide,form and accelerate your potentials. Listen to me,there is a motivational speaker who also doubles as the student information officer of a Federal University in Nigeria.He also happens to be my mentor.The set of students as we are all aware of,that a University does retain are those that finished with a 1st class or a 4point with a lecturer's recommendation.How come,this same university retained this physics graduate with a third class?.That is called,seeing an OPPORTUNITY and seizing it for ones favour.Listen to me,its been said,when opportunity COMES,its too LATE to prepare.Beyond the third class,he had sowned the seed of working/improving on his person whilst he was an undergraduate.Remember,'CHANCE favours the prepared minds' and 'one with COURAGE is majority'.Sow those seeds of greatness today,guided with the right ATTITUDE if you have not and see how bountiful your harvest will be.Right attitude?,Yes.The level of HEIGHT attained by great men is a function of their attitude.Remember,your qualification might get you a job but your character sustains it. Guinness says it all,'there is not only a drop of GREATNESS in you,you are made of more'.Go out and show the world that you are ready for it.GOOD MORNING. The series of note,together,were written and compiled by- #agbaraP

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