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Are You Scared Of The Forthcoming Jamb Examination? Are You Scared Of The Forthcoming Jamb Examination?[/caption]

Are You Scared Of The Forthcoming Jamb Examination? Yes, no? honestly? Though Jamb form is not officially on sale now, but the tremor and apprehension that accompany each period of the examination is already here. If you are amongst those who dread everything the examination stands for or probably you have had a season of recurrent failure that instill fear and doubt in your ability to succeed in the UTME examination, look no further- the solution is here.

Firstly,  you need to embrace the power of positivity. The first step to actually achieving a task gallantly, is visualizing. The prepare effectively at the task ahead is underscored by positive thinking. When you believe you will succeed, then you have created the genesis of success. Do not think negatively and try keeping a positive mind and thoughts while you are preparing for the exam. Discard all forms of activities that might promote negative thinking, friends that might discourage you and drain your positive energy.

Next, Revision is the key to keep a sound mind, as picking up more topics right in the end days of preparation will only add up to great confusion and lesser outcome. It is pertinent you revise adequately with past questions, and even better- in a CBT-like environment. There's a free CBT website and software you can practise on without paying a kobo. click here to start practicing.

Stop procrastinate, you might leave topics pending and soon have the date of the exam hanging on your head. Check in advance whether you have all topics and subjects sorted and understood. Download the free syllabus here to intensify your preparation.

Don’t forget about yourself and what you need. This means thinking of yourself as a total person, not just as a examination taker. Maintain proper nutrition and exercise, and continue some of your social or recreational activities. It is ok to take a break once in a while. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. You can’t function at your best if you are tired. Do something relaxing when you feel adequately prepared.


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