Sauce Kid-Always Strapped ft Killz

Sauce Kid drops 2 singles Title : Always Strapped one is freestyle version, and both have same title.

I guess the industry is been waiting too long to hear from Sauce Kidd and I think its time for him to continue with his unfinished business in the industry.

I kind of love the other version ft Killz which is more punchlines,the barz in the track is more hot ….. for one reason the lines are more of a re-loaded Sauce Kid who is ready to face it all and
I think he is got all it takes to get back to the top as one of the
industry movers.

Welcome back Sauce King as I dey feel your new SWAG.

I gat banks but I aint lloyd, i’m floyd like may weather

SauceKid-Always Strapped Freestyle.

Sauce Kid nd Killz-Always Strapped.

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